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Membership Card Resources

2014-15 National PTA Membership Card

The 2014-2015 PTA membership card is here! We have developed a resource toolkit for PTA leaders at every level to use when promoting membership.

You will find answers for most general PTA membership card inquiries, learn how to quickly mass print cards, request more cards at the PTA state office level and get web banners to promote the card on your PTA website.

For more info about the new membership card and how to create your profile, visit

State PTA Resources (for State PTA office use only)

we now have multiple membership card download/access options available. 


You can now customize the fields on your state’s membership cards, e.g. member name, Unit ID, Local PTA name, and more.

1.       You can choose to print a PDF (printer-ready) that can be taken to your local printer

2.       You can choose to save in a format ready for the AVERY White Matte Clean Edge business card template (#8871)

3.       You can order directly through the system – from our vendor, at reduced pricing

4.       Or… you can save the membership card template in the original InDesign file format – ready for your own customization.


Note: the back of the membership cards are left blank – so you can create/customize as you like. 


Here’s how to access the templates (currently available only for state congresses!):


1.       Visit

2.       Login with your credentials (default username is your state’s initials, e.g. AK, AL, CT, DE, FL, etc… and your default password is “PTA” in all caps)

3.       Click on Promote Your PTA at the top of the page.

a.       Then, Click on Membership Cards in the left side navigation menu


There, you will find 4 options for membership cards:

a.       Order Professionally Printed Cards – customize the cards and order directly online.

                                                               i.      Click on this option and follow the process/directions.

b.      Download and Print Yourself – with a fillable PDF.

                                                               i.            Select your state, select “English” or “Spanish”, and then hit “GO”.

                                                             ii.            Then, follow the directions on the screen to download the membership card template!

c.       Download and Print Yourself: Avery Template customize the membership cards for the AVERY Business Card template:

                                                               i.            Click on DIY Design Studio at the top of the page

                                                             ii.            Then, Select the file named “Membership Cards: 10 UP Customizable – AVERY Label”

                                                            iii.            Select your State and Logo Language (English or Spanish)

                                                           iv.            Fill in the fields that you want to customize (e.g. Member Name, Unit ID, Local PTA Name…)

                                                             v.            Then, click “Update” on the top left of the screen to preview the membership card.

1.       To preview the template as a PDF, click “PDF Preview”.

                                                           vi.            If the information is correct, click “Next Step” to review the printing options.

                                                          vii.            Click “Next Step” to add the order to your cart and “Proceed to Checkout” or “Continue Shopping”.

d.      Download and Print Yourself: Original Artwork – download the original InDesign artwork file (INDD File XXMB)

                                                               i.            Follow the directions on screen.

Local PTA Resources

For more information about the 2014-2015 PTA membership card, contact us at or (800)307-4782.