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National Representative Resource Library

Thank you for hosting a National Representative. This web page is full of resources to support your efforts. Please email if you have any questions or unique needs.

Quick Tools

Step #1: Learn about available National PTA Representatives.

National Representatives are typically National PTA officers, board of directors, or executive staff. Read their bios at:

Step #2: Submit a National Representative Request Form about 6-8 months prior to event.

To prepare your submission, you will need to:

  • Fill out as much of the form above as possible and return it to National PTA Staff will reach out to help you complete your request form.
  • Assign a point of contact who coordinates the National Representative itinerary and other logistics with National PTA.
  • Select your top five National Representative preferences. Consider selecting people who have the most experience in areas your state PTA needs.
  • Share general convention information such as event date, time, location, estimated attendance.

This form results in an itinerary that clearly communicates all logistics and expectations including:

  • Travel & Lodging Information
  • Board Meeting Information
  • Keynote Time if Longer than 15 Minutes
  • Workshop Selection
  • Additional Roles of Nat Rep
  • Special Event Schedule
  • Election Gift Requirements

Step #3: Consider the roles you want the National Representative to play at your State convention.

The following roles are required:

  • Greetings and attendance at State PTA Board Meeting
  • 15-minute Keynote Presentation
  • At Least 1 National PTA Workshop (see below - maximum 3)
  • Presentation of gifts to outgoing President and incoming elected officers

National Representatives are expected to attend all general sessions and special events at your Convention. Additional speaker remarks, special seating arrangements, photo opportunities or other requests must be communicated in advance so that we can best prepare National Representatives. Examples of additional involvement may include:

  • Installation of Officers
  • Reflections Awards Photos
  • Inspiration or Greetings
  • VIP Seating at Special Events
  • School Visit
  • Meeting with Partners/Sponsors
  • Media Interview

Step #4: Explore National PTA Workshops.

You may select a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 workshops for a National Representative. Please use the titles and descriptions provided in your Convention promotion. Though each National Representative may customize the presentation, you can preview the facilitator’s guides to understand the primary talking points. When talking with your National Representative in advance of the event, share any important data, anecdote or other information that you feel will help the National Representative to understand your state’s needs in this area or connect better with the audience.

  1. Attracting, Retaining and Growing a Diverse PTA Membership: Growing membership is a goal of every PTA - yet many PTAs are struggling to do it. During this workshop, we will analyze WHY parents and teachers at your school decide to support PTA as a member and outline what you can do to remove barriers for joining. Together, we will discuss ideas for attracting and engaging all families and school staff in your PTA efforts. Finally, we’ll apply what we’ve learned and practice approaches for building a strong, committed, diverse PTA membership.

  Membership Workshop Handouts:

Membership Planning Tool
Building & Growing an Inclusive PTA Membership Handout

  1. Leading the PTA Way: What does it mean to be a PTA leader? Together, we will define effective and ethical PTA leadership. Then, we’ll examine real-PTA scenarios and discuss how to welcome all families, communicate effectively, focus your PTA’s efforts on student success and school improvements, and strengthen relationships throughout your school and community. Throughout the discussion, you will appraise your own leadership style, and leave with a roadmap for sharing power, leading positively through conflict, and achieving your PTA’s goals.

  Leadership Workshop HandoutsComing Soon!

  1. Amplifying Your Voice Through PTA’s Advocacy Priorities: Advocacy” may sound daunting, but in reality it’s what you do every day to support student success and improve your school. In this workshop, we will describe how PTA puts your membership dues into motion across a range of issues through PTA’s advocacy agenda and efforts. Discuss how these issues affect students at your school and in your district. Then, network with your peers as you select one issue and design a grassroots advocacy campaign to generate awareness and support for the issue. Access a template tool that you can use to apply this approach to an issue at your school or in your community.

  Advocacy Workshop Handouts:

National PTA Legislative Checklist Tool
PTA Advocacy Changes Lives Handout

  1. Building Family Engagement Through National PTA’s Signature Programs: Explore how you can engage families in literacy, STEM, health, safety, the arts and more through a hands-on tour of National PTA’s signature programs. Sample some of the fun you will create at your school while you empower families with the tools they need to support student success. Gain a calendar of program ideas, as well as grants available to support your efforts.

  Programs Workshop HandoutsComing Soon!

  1. Valuing Diversity and Leading with Inclusion: They say a dream team includes people with different perspectives, skills, talents and connections. During this workshop, we will talk about vast perspectives of families at your school -- members of your PTA. In a hands-on activity, you will research your school or community demographics and sketch your community’s strengths. Model ways to be an inclusive leader so that your PTA cultivates the perspectives, skills, talents and connections of all families who want to make your PTA and school stronger for students.

  Diversity & Inclusion Workshop HandoutsComing Soon!

Step #5: Review expectations and itinerary in advance with National Representative.

National PTA will send you and your National Representative a Nat Rep Plan customized by the information that you provided to date. It will communicate all of the information you submitted. The State PTA point of contact should make any necessary changes and send final information to your National Representative at least one month in advance and copy  Host a call with your National Representative at least 2-3 weeks in advance to communicate shared expectations, review itinerary and answer any remaining questions.

National PTA staff will also reach out to the National Representative to provide support on customization of speeches, workshop materials, and travel logistics.

Step #6: Host a successful State PTA Convention!

While your National Representative is a special guest, you will not need to hold their hand throughout the experience. They will seek out opportunities to engage with attendees, exhibitors and collaborators. 

Step #7: Tell us about your National Representative experience using the National Representative Evaluation Form.

National PTA invests significant resources in supporting National Representatives. We are constantly evaluating the processes and support we provide to State PTAs and National Representatives to make this a successful experience for all. This evaluation will help us to continuously improve.

If you have workshop, keynote or other evaluation data to share about the National Representative, please email it to so that we can share with the National Representative and/or better support the National Representative process in the future.

Other National PTA Attendees

Often, other National PTA staff and volunteers attend a state PTA convention or event including:

  • National Service Representatives (NSRs/staff) travel to state events to support training and leadership development needs. State PTA President should reach out to your NSR directly.
  • Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) members travel to state events to observe emerging leaders for future growth opportunities. NLDC develops a plan for their outreach and will reach out to the state PTA president to confirm their attendance. If you have questions, contact
  • Other staff travel to state events to support training efforts. Email your Staff Request Form, which is submitted to executive leadership for approval. Staff travel is a budgeted expense and may not be possible due to fiscal or staff capacity reasons.