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State Leadership Resources

Resources for state PTA leaders.

Presidents Guide to National PTA

This guide is designed to familiarize you with how National PTA functions, as well as the resources and assistance available to you.

Resource Development Handbook

A guidebook for state PTA leaders on getting started with a resource development plan, developing sponsorships, writing grants, establishing an annual fund and more.

State Treasurers Resource Library

Samples forms, letters and guides for use by state PTA treasurers.

Disposition of Local PTA Assets

Local PTAs contemplating dissolution should be aware of the state PTA policies and their legal implications.

State Presidents’ Training Materials

Resources and presentations from the State Presidents’ Training at the 2012 Legislative Conference.

Resolutions & Position Statements

A reference that will direct you to all PTA Resolutions.

Treasurer/Financial Resources

Best practices and resources for a fiscally healthy PTA.

National PTA Policies

A resource for policies, procedures and guidelines for the PTA national organization in addition to responsibilities and service requirements for national and state PTA leaders.

General resources for running a successful PTA.