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The NEW 2013-2014 PTA Membership Card

2013-14 National PTA Membership Card

In the 2013-2014 membership year, PTAs from around the country will distribute a new membership card to anyone who joins PTA or renews their PTA membership. This card has an upgraded look and feel, and includes the ability for members to activate their card and receive valuable Staples discount offers. It also shows the connection of PTA members to a state, local and national association, with all the benefits and services that come with joining. 

Because the card and activation process is new, National PTA has developed the following tools and resources to assist PTA leaders to learn about the card and how to best promote and distribute it to all members. We encourage PTA volunteer leaders at every level to review these reference materials to get their questions answered and promote PTA's benefits to everyone.


For more information about the 2013-2014 new National PTA membership card, contact us at or (800)307-4782.