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Mary Lou Anderson Grant

Enhance PTA Arts Projects in Your School Community

The National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant provides matching dollar funding to local PTAs to support in-school and after-school arts enhancement programs within their communities.

Congratulations 2015 Awardees

  • Barringer Academic Center PTA, North Carolina
  • Eastwood Elementary School PTA, Utah
  • Ludlam Elementary PTA, Florida

Apply for a Grant

Matching grants of up to $1,000 are awarded each year to local PTAs to enhance arts education projects. Eligible applicants must be a PTA in good standing, as determined by the State PTA.

Applications for projects starting in the 2016-2017 school year will be accepted January 4 through March 11, 2016. Please check back at this time to apply.

What will National PTA Fund?

The National PTA is placing a priority on funding projects that represent research-based best practices in arts education. Specifically, National PTA will fund arts projects that: reach large numbers of at-risk students. At-risk encompasses a wide range of factors that may make it more difficult for a student or segment of the student population to succeed in learning. Some factors that make students at-risk are financial, familial, health, behavioral, social and environmental or other community conditions.

Please Note: Extensive research indicates that students receive the greatest benefit from projects that include sustained involvement in the arts. Therefore, National PTA is not funding proposals for projects that highlight performances, arts fairs, assemblies and field trips, and other initiatives geared toward funds for a single event. Ideally, the activities will take place throughout the school year and will foster family and community engagement.

Project Timeline

Proposed program activities may take place September through May.

Selection Critera

Applications must be complete and submitted on time. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Application will be scored out of 100 points based on the following:

Need and At-risk Factors (20pts) Provide school demographics and describe your school community and its needs. Be sure to include infomration about at-risk students (e.g., academic, social and emotional factors, English language learners, refugees, impoverished students, etc.) (200 word limit)

Goals and Outcomes (20pts) Describe the objectives and desired results for this project, specifically how the project will increase family and community engagement. Provide an estimated number of children that will be served by the project. How will you measure progress toward desired results? (300 word limit)

Project Description (35pts) Provide a summary of your project including specific arts education activities. What other organizations (i.e. school district, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies) will you engage as partners? How will they support your efforts? (500 word limit)

Timeline (15pts) Provide an estimated timeline for implementation of the proposed project, listing the activity, person(s) responsible and estimated date of implementation. (500 word limit)

Project Budget and Budget Narrative (10pts) Provide a list of existing and potential income sources to achieve this $1,000 match (e.g., PTA unit funds, arts organizations, community organizations, businesses). Provide a list of project expenses funded by this grant and the match. Include in-kind contributions that have a monetary value (e.g., printing, refreshments, art supplies, professionals' times, etc.). Describe these expenses and indicate which expenses would be paid from grant funds, matching funds, and/or in-kind contributions).

How to Apply

It is recommended that you review the questions provided above before you proceed with the online application and formulate your responses that can be cut and pasted into the application.