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E-Learning Library

To access our e-learning courses, you will need an online National PTA profile. For assistance with creating a profile or registering for a course, please read the e-learning registration guide. Also, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

PTA Nuts and Bolts Series (New)

Board Basics: Learn the basic governance structures behind most PTA units. (40 min.)

Local Unit President: This course is an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the local unit PTA president. (30 min.)

Local Unit Secretary: This course is an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the local unit PTA secretary. (30 min.)

Local Unit Treasurer: This course is an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the local unit PTA treasurer. (40 min.)

Leadership Fundamentals

Ethical Leadership: Learn how to accomplish your goals with fairness and integrity. (20 min.)

Parliamentary Procedure: This course will teach you how rules of conduct positively affect PTA decision-making, while ensuring fair and orderly unit operations. (30 min.)

Planning Your PTA Year: Learn to keep volunteers motivated by putting an achievable plan together for the year. (30 min.)

Preventing Theft in Your PTA: This course will teach you how to detect theft in your unit and what to do if you suspect it is happening. (30 min.)

PTA Basics: Discover PTA’s history, structure, programs, and the issues for which it advocates. (40 min.)

Writing and Proposing PTA Resolutions: Stories from “the field” combined with practical advice make the resolution development and proposal process easy. (30 min.)


Cultural Competency: Learn cultural awareness and how to build relationships across cultural groups. (20 min.)


Effective Advocacy for Your Child: Organize around local issues and address them to benefit the needs of children and your community. This course is designed for emerging local leaders, but all are welcome to attend. (30 min.)

Leadership Enhancement

Creating and Delivering a Speech: Improve your public speaking skills. (30 min.)

PTA Program Essentials

Running a Successful Program: Learn the steps for taking a program idea from concept to reality. (30 min.)


System Requirements

Please check that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements to properly view our e-learning courses: 

  • Broadband Internet Connection

  • Flash Player 10 or later

  • Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later

If you experience difficulty accessing a course or would like to report a problem, contact