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Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award


Jan Harp Domene served as National PTA President from 2007 to 2009. Her aim was to ensure that families of all backgrounds felt welcomed to the PTA family. She was a strong supporter of the Emerging Minority Leader Conferences, and the Urban Family Engagement Network Initiative originated during her term. After her death, the Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach Committee proposed a contest in her honor.

The purpose of the Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award contest is to recognize PTAs that are dedicated to the needs of all families represented in their schools. The contest acknowledges PTAs that develop practices that are inclusive and equal for all families and that result in positive change.

We celebrate all PTA units that have submitted an application for this award. Past nominations have described all of the following:

  • Sincere and successful efforts to diversify PTA boards and membership
  • Creative, effective programs and events that not only bring families together but provide opportunities to learn about each other and overcome stigmas, inequities and misunderstandings
  • Thoughtful and well-designed training and mentoring for emerging leaders at all levels
  • Strong partnerships with local, state and national organizations in order to benefit all children and their families
  • Concrete and convincing evidence of the impact and lasting outcomes of diversity and inclusion initiatives


Past award winners:


Thirty-Third District PTA, Lakewood, California

Ohio State PTA



Vandenberg Elementary PTA, Southfield, Michigan

Washington State PTA



Russell Elementary PTA, Smyrna, Georgia

Ninth District PTA, San Diego, California

Florida State PTA



Easton Area PTA Council, Easton, Pennsylvania

South Lakewood Elementary PTA, Lakewood, Colorado

Georgia PTA