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Tax-Exempt Revocation

The IRS recently issued letters revoking the tax-exempt status of numerous organizations, including many PTAs, for failure to file information returns for three consecutive years.

If your PTA received a letter from the IRS stating that your tax-exempt status has been revoked, please follow the instructions in the resources below to reinstate your organization's tax-exempt status.

If your PTA is applying for reinstatement within 15 months of the date of your revocation, please use the “Streamlined Reinstatement Instructions.”

If your PTA’s tax-exempt status was revoked more than 15 months ago, please use the “General Reinstatement Instructions.”

Also, for ease of completion, please use the “Interactive Form 1023,” which has been partially completed by the National PTA. If you are using Google Chrome to open the form, please right click on the link and select "Save As..." to directly download the form, as it will not correctly open within the browser.

National PTA's resources for units include a Frequently Asked Questions document, instructions for reinstatement, and IRS Bulletins that address the reinstatement process.

Questions? Contact Lindsey White.

Additional Resources

General Reinstatement Instructions and Template

Tax Exempt Revocation FAQs

IRS Bulletin: Application for Reinstatement and Retroactive Reinstatement for Reasonable

NEW! IRS Bulletin: 26 CFR 1.6033-2

NEW! Interactive Form 1023

NEW! Streamlined Reinstatement Instructions

Automatic Revocation of Exemption List

Automatic Revocation: How to Have Your Tax-Exempt Status Retroactively Reinstated