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PTA Bylaws Overview and Tip Sheet

Bylaws are the rules the local unit must follow. They are adopted and amended by a vote of your unit’s members at a general meeting. PTA bylaws may not conflict with the bylaws of the PTA national organization or the state PTA. If you can’t find a copy of your unit’s bylaws, contact the state office to obtain one. All officers should be familiar with the local unit bylaws. Any member has a right to view them.

Bylaws provide the following important information:

  • The structure of the local unit board
  • Information on required meeting dates (may include how meeting notification is given)
  • Nominating committee formation
  • How and when to conduct elections
  • Dates for the fiscal year
  • Requirements of a quorum for conducting business

Suggested Bylaw Checklist

Article I—Name
Article II—Purposes
Article III—Basic Policies
Article IV—Relationship with the PTA national office and [State] PTA
Article V—Membership and Dues
Article VI—Officers
Article VII—Duties of Officers
Article VIII—Board of [Directors/Managers]
Article IX—Executive Committee
Article X—Committees
Article XI—General Membership Meetings
Article XII—Council Membership
Article XIII—[State] PTA Annual Meeting
Article XIV—Fiscal Year (if required by state PTA)
Article XV—Parliamentary Authority
Article XVI—Amendments

Frequently Asked Questions about Bylaws

How are changes made to the bylaws?
To consider changes to the bylaws, a small committee should be appointed to study the proposed changes and to make recommendations to the board for their approval. Then, 30-days’ notice of the proposed changes must be given to all members. A bylaws change requires a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the general meeting if 30-days’ notice of the change was not given, and a majority vote if 30-days’ notice was given.

Who should have copies of the bylaws?
The entire board should have a copy of your current bylaws. Upon request, copies should be made available to all members.

What is a quorum, and how do I know what our unit’s quorum is?
The quorum is the minimum number of members who must be present to conduct business at a PTA or board meeting. The number for your unit is set by your bylaws. If a quorum is not met at a meeting, then a vote cannot be taken.

Content excerpted from PTA President's Quick-Reference Guide