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Use this Fundraising Marketplace to find vendors and services to help make your PTA fundraiser a success. For more fundraising info, visit our PTA Fundraising page.

0 Calorie Fundraiser · Active Schools Fundraising
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen · Cause Network
Children's Bookstore · Fun Pasta Fundraising · IQ Card Fundraising
KNeoWorld · Korg
· Race for Education · Schwan's Cares
The Little Sign Company · TreeRing


0 Calorie Fundraiser

0 Calorie Fundraising So YOU Can Be Number 1

Want to be the best and get to the head of the class?

Your school, PTA or youth sports team can earn thousands of dollars in 4 to 8 weeks without anyone ever having to sell candy, popcorn or wrapping paper.

Forget the calories and check out or call 407-930-2979 today!


Active Schools FundraisingActive Schools 2

Active School Fundraising is a healthier, more active way to fundraise for your PTA or school through walks, runs and other fun physical activity challenges. Benefits include:

  • Your PTA keeps 75% of funds raised online, and 100% of onsite funds raised.
  • No startup fee or selection process.
  • Schedule your fundraiser between January 1 – June 30 or August 1 – December 1.
  • Create customized team fundraising pages – add your own personal photos and stories or choose from our sample messages.
It only takes a few minutes to get started! Visit to learn more.


Blue Lizard Australian SunscreenBlue Lizard logo

Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen - A Fundraiser to Feel Good About

Tired of the same old candy bars? Already drowning in gift wrap? Why not sell a product that people actually need and that you can feel good about?

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen offers a fundraising program that rewards your school generously and offers your supporters something another roll of gift wrap can't - safe and effective UV protection.

  • Earn $10 for every Blue Lizard gift card sold
  • No hassles or hidden fees
  • Enroll online
  • Recipients can purchase sunscreen at at 15% off
  • Gift cards never expire

Learn more and enroll now


Cause NetworkCause Network logo small

PTA Fundraising Soars!

Raise Money For Your PTA 365 Days a Year, For Free

Benefits Include:

  • Get a FREE Website & Mobile App with messaging capability
  • Branded in your PTA's name, logo, school colors & mission
  • Send mobile messages & alerts directly to your supporters’ phones and tablets
  • 1,000+ Stores give back up to 10% on every purchase to your PTA
  • Local merchants can sponsor your PTA through the Mobile App & Website

Learn More & Register Your PTA Now


Children's BookstoreChildren's Bookstore

Promote reading and raise great funds with a 100% online book fair.  

Your entire school community will love the convenience and advantages of an online book fair.

  • Earn 30% of every book purchase.
  • We ship books direct to the customer.
  • More than 200,000 titles available.
  • Schedule your book fair anytime.
  • Very little staff and volunteer input required.
  • No minimum purchase requirement and no fees.
  • It’s easy to manage and customize your book fair.

Visit the Children's Bookstore website to learn more and to set up your book fair. We’re committed to help you have an awesome book fair, without the stress!


Fun Pasta FundraisingFun Pasta Fundraising

Fun Pasta Fundraising is a unique and simple way to fundraise for your school!  Sell Pasta in “fun shapes” like sports, holidays, collegiate logos & more!  Request a fundraising packet and learn more.  Highlights include:

  • Up to 50% Profit! 
  • Sell 2 ways:   Brochure + Online Webpage Link
  • Healthy & Made in the USA
  • Fast Turnarounds and Excellent Service

Visit and check out our program.  We’d love to work with you!

IQ Card Fundraising 

Creative & Easy Fundraising – Personalized Greeting Cards

  • Every student designs their own picture in class.
  • IQ professionally print high quality greeting cards
  • PTA’s raise funds for EVERY pack purchased.
  • A creative and fun Autumn activity with no upfront costs and easy to co-ordinate.
  • Free delivery and collection
  • Students love sending their own personalized cards over the Holiday Season. 

Contact us today for a free sample pack.

Visit our website for more information

KNeoWorldKNeoWorld logo Jan2016

A simple, no-cost fundraiser makes learning an adventure!’s Fundraising Program combines the wonders of game-based learning with outstanding financial benefits for schools. It is hassle-free – no buying or selling necessary!

  • 50% of every subscription is donated by KNeoWorld to your PTA and it is tax deductible for parents
  • All 3-player memberships include weekly episodes for just $4.99 a month or $50 a year (2 months free!)
  • Safe, secure and free of advertising or hidden costs
  • Digital customized marketing kit to engage your community
  • Simple online tools for engagement tracking and fundraising management
  • Personalized support from KNeoWorld’s team

Get Started Today. Register Your School. 


KorgKorg logo small

Have you ever dreamed of granting your school a new music technology lab, but thought the cost made it out of reach? Parents and local businesses each “purchase” or sponsor a key, an octave (12 keys) or a keyboard until funds are raised. At only $3-5 per key, families and local businesses will be excited to contribute! Students will bring back the “sold” keyboard posters to school until their goal is met. Getting started is easy, because Korg Education will supply all of the materials you need to accomplish your fundraising goal, including:

  • Posters for each classroom to show progress during the fundraising campaign
  • Donation envelopes
  • Online digital assets to advertise the efforts via email and social media blasts
  • Incentives and rewards are available, contact us for details to get your students excited about this fundraiser!

Contact us to get your program scheduled today –


Race for EducationRace for Education logo small

Simplicity + Fun = Amazing Fundraising Results


  • Up to 85% profit for your school.                                                                                                              
  • Eliminates families having to sell "products" to relatives, neighbors, and friends, and, instead, is a fundraiser that involves a minimal amount of time for parents.
  • Emphasizes wellness and physical activity for all students.
  • Parents and students love the success, sense of community, and joy in the program.
  • Enjoy your Race Day with the children, teachers, parents, and fans.
  • Step back and take pride in the fact that your Race for Education event raised significant amounts to fund a range of educational programs & activities.
  • Contact us today for your free Informational Packet. Visit or call (717) 432-5908.


Schwan's CaresSchwans Cares

Delicious Foods & School Funds Delivered

Schwan's Cares™, a fundraising network, offers a simple online program that delivers over 350 delicious, frozen foods directly to the door of each supporter, with up to 40% going back to your PTA.

  • Home delivery of 350+ food items
  • Simple online ordering, no order forms
  • No product sorting
  • No money handling

Schwan’s Home Service is a trusted, nationally recognized brand offering frozen foods using only the freshest ingredients.  Raise funds for your PTA while providing delicious food for your family with Schwan’s Cares.

Start fundraising today!


The Little Sign CompanyThe Little Sign Company image

Best way to fundraise while ensuring student safety & efficient school dismissal! 

Create an organized dismissal system for your school using identifiable ‘parent car signs’ for pick up and ‘student back pack tags’.

  • Safety for Students
  • Benefit to Parents during Pick up
  • Great fundraiser

See how it works! Products and Dismissal System

Order now at or call 1-800-829-6096



If you’re going to do a yearbook, make some money from it.

TreeRing has helped schools raise more than $1 million and they can help you, too.

Here’s how it works:

  • Add any amount to the price of your yearbook as a fundraiser
  • TreeRing gives parents the ability to purchase directly online
  • At the end of the year TreeRing provides you 100% of the fundraising dollars collected.

Request a free yearbook sample to learn more today.