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Stop Sequestration Toolkit

You may remember hearing in 2012 about across-the-board federal budget cuts that were to go into effect unless Congress reached a long-term spending plan. This is what is known as sequestration, or the sequester. But what does it all mean? Because Congress failed to identify long-term savings, on March 1, 2013 all federally-funded education programs (other than Pell grants) were subject to a 5% automatic across-the-board cut as part of an overall Fiscal Year 2013 $85 billion sequestration spending cut.

While this was a real hit to everyday Americans in 2013, what many do not realize is that the cuts are far from over. Across the board cuts will continue until 2021 unless Congress acts—that’s a total of $1 trillion dollars. Watch the video below for more on how this happened and the impact it’s having on all Americans:

What did this mean for education in 2013?

  • Head Start was cut by $401 million which has cut services to over 57,000 low-income children.
  • Title I was cut $727 million, threatening instructional support to almost 1.2 million educationally disadvantaged children and resulting in the possible elimination of over 10,000 educator jobs
  • IDEA special education K12 funding was cut by $580 million which will adversely affect over 350,000 students with disabilities and cause the possible elimination of another 7,000 educator jobs.
  • Funding for teacher quality grants was cut by $124 million.

What can you do?

  • Read the Report: Faces of Austerity: How Budget Cuts Have Made us Sicker, Poorer, and Less Secure.
  • Make it Local: Find out what’s happening in your state.
  • Take Action! Tell your Members of Congress that the sequester must be fixed and a long-term spending approach must be reached.

Questions? Contact Mollie Van Lieu.