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PTA Leadership

National PTA is composed of 54 state congresses and more than 20,000 local units in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Department of Defense Schools in Europe.

State PTAs are the liaison between the local PTA and National PTA, helping each to function effectively and to support and sustain the other. PTAs at the local level are valuable assets to their school communities by providing educational and parent involvement information, resources, events, and activities. For more about National PTA's structure and policy, visit our Governance page.

Board Members & Officers

The work and operations of National PTA, as directed by its board of directors, is carried out through its headquarters office in Alexandria, Virginia. BOARD MEMBER MATERIALS

National PTA Committees

List of the 2013-2015 standing and special committees.

State PTA Presidents

List of state PTA presidents for 2013–2014.

National PTA Staff Contact List

PTA's national office has a professional staff of experienced and dedicated employees who work to further the organization's mission at the direction of the volunteer leadership.


National PTA strategic plan, calendar, annual reports, bylaws and policies.

Past National PTA Presidents

A list of PTA's illustrious leaders throughout the years.

PTA Directory

List of the National PTA Board of Directors and Committees; State Presidents; State Offices; and National PTA Staff.