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Mercedes Sandoval

Mercedes Sandoval is the family liaison for Dolores Gonzales Elementary School. She did independent professional development throughout NM districts, was a bilingual paraprofessional for two years, supervisor/staffing coordinator for Addus Home Healthcare, educational assistant for Susie Rayos Marmon Elementary with Albuquerque Public Schools and content tutor at Hodgin Elementary. Her PTA service includes that of National PTA Organizational Effectiveness Committee, New Mexico PTA Convention Committee, conducting workshops for Georgia PTA’s annual 2014 Convention Leadership Training, assisting Georgia PTA with organization of the first Hispanic/Latino Statewide Community PTA and conducting officer training for Georgia Hispanic/Latino Statewide PTA officers. In the past, she served as New Mexico PTA president and president-elect, New Mexico PTA Diversity Chair and Dolores Gonzales Elementary School PTA president.   

Mercedes is no stranger to community involvement either. Her roles consist of working with the National Spanish Spelling Bee Committee, Albuquerque Youth Basketball League and New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education where she is a board member. She was also part of Dual Language Education of New Mexico, Alliance for Multicultural Multilingual Education and the Store House of Albuquerque, NM. She has received awards such as the University of New Mexico Family Literacy Project Award, New Mexico PTA Lifetime Achievement Award, National PTA State President Award and the Dolores Gonzales Elementary School Parent Involvement Award. She is a married mother of two children.