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2014 Candidate Videos: Vice President for Advocacy

The Vice President for Advocacy serves a two-year term.

Through a proviso in the National PTA Bylaws approved in 2013, the Vice President of Advocacy elected at the 2014 convention serves one year and is eligible for re-election to a full term in this position during the next odd-numbered year officer election cycle in 2015. 

The Vice President for Advocacy is a member of the National PTA Board of Directors; chairs the National PTA Legislation Committee; facilitates and coordinates the work of the committee in advocacy and legislative programs and activities; oversees planning and implementation of the legislative conference; consults and/or collaborates with the resolutions committee and performs other duties as assigned.

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Shannon Sevier
European Congress
Nominated by the National PTA Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

Shannon Sevier - Candidate Video


Stella Edwards
Declared Intent to Run from the Floor

Stella Edwards - Candidate Video


Sharon Goldblatt
Declared Intent to Run from the Floor

Sharon Goldblatt - Candidate Video