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National PTA Media Watch—July-September 2012

This issue of National PTA Media Watch reports on earned media placements within the 3rd quarter of 2012 (July-September). Total placements resulted in more than 70 million media impressions (number of people who saw the coverage based on circulation) and almost $5 million in estimated advertising equivalency (amount it costs to purchase equal advertising space). Click the links and logos to view each media placement.


PTA Day at the White House — Media Impressions: 30 Million
White House honors Berea's Ana Chapman    





White House honors Milford woman in Champions for Change program   PTA parents score FACE time
with federal officials

Cleveland-area teacher receives White House honor   Berea PTA leader, Beachwood teacher to be honored at the White House

Duval PTA official to be honored at White House   Seattle Schools Community Forum

Watch and Engage: PTA Day at the White House   WV mom honored at White House

WV woman chosen as Champion of Change

  Parents Invited to Join White House/PTA Briefing Online
PTA Champions of Change Share Ideas at White House   Waianae man hailed as
"Champion of Change"

White House honors Waianae
father of 11
  Want to talk education with the
White House?
Ana Chapman, Berea PTA leader and Beachwood teacher, to be honored at the White House   Sharon Meigh-Chang, head of Portland PTA, to be honored as 'Champion of Change' by White House


White House to honor Rainier Beach High’s PTSA president  

Oak Grove Elementary parent named Champion of Change

Texas PTA at White House for PTA Day
  Bright Futures for All Children
Creating an Environment for Life-Long Learners Through PTA   The Key to our Children's Success
Providing the Support that All Our Children Need and Deserve   Helping a Nation of Children
Irving PTA leader Karen Martin visited White House   NSBA President attends White House briefing with PTA leaders
Calvin Endo Honored by White House   Ms. Hunt goes to Washington
My View: Parent engagement = Child success   White House welcomes champion parents



School Lunch Changes—Media Impressions: 7 Million


School Lunches Got Healthier And Students Are Eating It Up   School lunch program changes webcast
Don’t Forget Your (Kid’s!) Lunch
  Ready Pac offers solutions to schools for new nutrition standards
Virtual back to school night: the school day just got healthier
  Virtual Back to School for Nutrition Night
It’s Back to School Night with the PTA… From the Comfort of Your Own Home!
  Bringing School Nutrition Home

Common Core—Media Impressions: 500,000



Standards Backers Seek Out Support of Parents   Military families salute core standards move

Resources for parents as we make the move to the Common Core of State Standards   PTA Education Forum Focuses on Common Core

Educating ELL Families on
Common-Core Standards



Family Engagement—Media Impressions: 12 Million


Skipping High School Can Lead to Fines, Jail for Parents
  Back to School: Schools Pass the Hat...And Parents Feel the Crunch
Who’s Really Skipping School?
  Why Parents Need to Monitor Skipping School
Creating a Homework Zone
  Help your child succeed at school

Talking to Kids About Violence—Media Impressions: 11 Million


How to talk to your kids about violence
  You're Not Powerless: How to Talk to Kids About Violence After a Tragedy
National PTA offers tips on how to talk to children about Colorado shooting
  Talking to Children about Hate and Violence

Talking to children about news violence
  Comcast offers low-cost Internet to some students

Convention—Media Impressions: 1 Million


AppFairs Features New Childrens App-Discovery Tool that helps schools raise money
  NSBA president praises mission of National PTA

Great Song and Video
“Every Child One Voice”

  Promethean announces program aimed at increasing parental involvement

How was school today? Check your daily text
  Promethean and Channel One News announce The Parent Connection

New ed-tech service aims to boost parent engagement
  All-star Mom: Sharon Goldblatt Of Plano Earns Seat On National PTA Boa

Reflections—Media Impressions: 500,000


Achievers: PTA contest winners focus on their uniqueness
  M.G. Clark students awarded national honors in literature, film


Lafayette Student Wins National PTA Reflections Award
  Achievers: Elementary winners express creativity in dance competition


Achievers: Brothers are contest winners in film production
  Young filmmaker addresses social issues


Local Boy Wins National Competition
  Achiever: Student's dog story explains diversity


Siouxland student wins
national award for poem

Our Children—Media Impressions: 5 Million


PTA Opens Magazine to Public with Online Edition
  PTA Opens Magazine to Public with Online Edition


Our Children Magazine Goes Digital | Reuters
  National PTA magazine goes digital


National PTA magazine goes digital



Emerging Minority Leaders Conference—Media Impressions: 6 Million


National PTA works toward leadership diversity
  National PTA Hosts Diversity Conference


Tacoma PTA volunteer chosen for
Washington, D.C., conference

The Bammy Awards—Media Impressions: 2.5 Million


People: "Bammys" Honor
Educators, Media, Bloggers

Parent Trigger—Media Impressions: 2.5 Million




Pulling the 'Parent Trigger' on School Reform

Samsung & National PTA—Media Impressions: 75,000


Samsung, National PTA partner for $1 Million STEM Video Competition

  $1M in prizes for environmental videos

Sequestration—Media Impressions: 200,000


Obama’s hand forced on sequester

Male Engagement—Media Impressions: 20,000


Nevada PTA ramps up outreach to men, issues 'Man Card'

National PTA Trademark—Media Impressions: 500,000


PTA sues rival PTO for trademark infringement, false advertising