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Sharon Goldblatt

Sharon Goldblatt pictureSharon Goldblatt joined the National PTA Board of Directors in 2012 as a member representative.  Her previous experience with National PTA was through her service as a National Council of States Member-At-Large and on the Bylaws and Policy, Field Service and Resolutions Committees.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Goldblatt began her PTA service on the playground when another mother asked if she was interested in a position on the elementary school board.  That position led to more than 20 years of work at the local, council, district and state levels.  Having previously served as First Vice President, Second Vice President, Region IV Vice President, Councils Chair and Parent Education Programming Chair on the Texas PTA Board of Directors, and she completed 14 years on that board with her term as Texas PTA President, 2010-2012.  During her presidency, she focused on increasing visibility, improving relevance to members, and developing strategic partnerships.  At her last state convention, the delegates approved a complete revision to the bylaws, which resulted in a new state leadership model that emphasizes service to members.  She continues to support her state as chair of the Texas PTA Advisory Council and the president of the statewide unit, Star Spangled PTA.

Goldblatt wholeheartedly supports the premise of giving to her community.  The Goldblatts have had only two rules for their family:  Do no harm, and make a difference.  These rules were easy for their children to understand, and the entire family continues to serve in various capacities.  She truly believes in the “butterfly effect” and knows that every person can make a difference, especially where it counts – in the life of a child.

Having earned a BFA in Dance from Southern Methodist University, Goldblatt’s interests are varied.  In addition to PTA, she is also an active volunteer for other groups such as the Plano ISD Key Communicators, Sci-Tech Discovery Center Advisory Board, Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership, Texans Standing Tall, and Lone Star Parliamentary Unit.

Goldblatt is the mother of three grown children and lives with her husband, Barry, in Plano, Texas.