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Nancy Cox

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“I’m sure I can find some time to help out.”  And with those words, Nancy Cox began her career with PTA when her daughter entered Kindergarten in 1987 in Alexandria, Virginia. Today, She is now serving her second term as a member representative on the National PTA Board of Directors.

But her devotion to PTA came from the words of her great-aunt Mary Jane. When Cox told her Aunt Mary Jane that she was now involved with PTA at her daughter’s school, she was told the story of how PTA had played a role in the lives of her own eight children. As the children of a farmer in the Appalachian Mountains during the depression, even the bare necessities were hard to come by. As Aunt Mary Jane reminisced, she told Cox that the PTA worked to help provide shoes and coats for children so they could attend school in the winter months. When times got better, Aunt Mary Jane became an advocate for PTA to help other children as her own had been helped. The belief that there are still children needing those literal and proverbial shoes and coats has been the driving force behind Cox’s efforts for PTA.  

Cox has served at every level of PTA—local unit, county council, and state, including serving a term as Florida PTA President. At the National PTA level, she has served on the Elections Committee, Convention General Arrangements Committee, Communications Committee and was elected to a three-year term on the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.

Cox is a retired teacher and now serves as a mentor to new teachers, as well as conducting workshops for parents on developing positive homework habits, how to work on specific skill deficiencies with their children, and material "make and take" sessions for parents in Title 1 schools.  She has published articles on school readiness, the importance of parent involvement, and engaging working parents in school activities.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Childhood Education.

Cox and her husband Roy reside in Lake Mary, Fla. and have have two adult children.