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Fun Pasta Fundraising

fun pasta

New and Unique!  Pasta in “Fun Shapes” like cats, dogs, musical notes, sports, holidays, Collegiate logos, chicken soup, & more.  Up to 50% Profit!  Sell with brochures and also with your online link for all your out of town friends and family!  Free brochures, free shipping, posters and envelopes! Great prize packages include iTunes or Walmart gift cards. 1-800-247-0188. Have Fun, Eat Pasta, Raise Money!



Funds2OrgsFunds2Orgs is a social enterprise that provides turnkey solutions to drive funds for nonprofit organizations. Through shoe drives, nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and civic groups fundraise while creating life changing opportunities for individuals in developing countries.  Contact us and find out how easy we make it to help your organization raise money with our risk free, engaging shoe drive fundraisers that have a proven track record of success.



 ifocus Jungle Rangers LogosDrive 20% of ifocus sales back to YOUR school with our easy, no-cost, no-hassle school-based fundraiser, The Jungle Rangers Challenge. Help students improve focus & attention and give parents exclusive savings of 15% off of ifocus, an award winning attention training system. Plus, 50 students will each win a $250 prize based upon submitting their Jungle Rangers experience!

Click here to learn more about how school fundraising, family savings, and student achievement is possible with just one program—ifocus.





 The Future Of Fundraising Is KNeoWORLD

An award-winning, virtual world that supports kid’s curriculum in a fun and engaging way, for less than a cup of coffee.

Kneoworld gamerSupports CCSS:

  • Kids crave it
  • Parents approve it
  • Teachers recommend it

50% of every membership paid to your school monthly
Free promotional materials & support

Family membership: 3 logins for $5/month or $50/year.

Played by over 500,000 kids worldwide.