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Use this Fundraising Marketplace to find vendors and services to help make your PTA fundraiser a success. For more fundraising info, visit our PTA Fundraising page.

0 Calorie Fundraiser · BiProUSA · Cause Network
Children's Bookstore  · Flower Power Fundraising ·
Korg · Office Depot
Race for Education · 
Schwan's Cares · SimplyFun · Sionic Mobile
Storybird · TreeRing


0 Calorie Fundraiser - Funds2Orgs

Funds2Org0 Calorie Fundraiser is the perfect no calorie fundraising solution for schools and PTAs. Our turnkey, fundraising solutions drive funds to your group while creating life changing opportunities for individuals in developing countries. Contact us and find out how easy we make it to help your school to raise money with our risk free, engaging shoe drive fundraisers that have a proven track record of success. Ditch the calories for a new, zero calorie approach to fundraising.



BiProUSA offers the MuscleRaiser as a simple solution.  Let’s face it, fundraising is a pain! Our nation’s youth programs are under increasing financial pressure, which means and increase in the number of teams spending less time on the field and more time fundraising. Our program is designed to not only help you raise money, but to help raise nutritional awareness.

  • Earn 20% Back on all sales
  • Your program runs the entire year
  • Receive a check quarterly
  • No door to door selling
  • No sorting and delivery
  • No more bad checks

Visit to learn more and start earning!


Cause NetworkCause Network logo small

PTA Fundraising Soars!

Raise Money For Your PTA 365 Days a Year, For Free

Benefits Include:

  • Get a FREE Website & Mobile App with messaging capability
  • Branded in your PTA's name, logo, school colors & mission
  • Send mobile messages & alerts directly to your supporters’ phones and tablets
  • 1,000+ Stores give back up to 10% on every purchase to your PTA
  • Local merchants can sponsor your PTA through the Mobile App & Website

Learn More & Register Your PTA Now


Children's BookstoreChildren's Bookstore

Promote reading and raise great funds with a 100% online book fair.  

Your entire school community will love the convenience and advantages of an online book fair.

  • Earn 30% of every book purchase.
  • We ship books direct to the customer.
  • More than 200,000 titles available.
  • Schedule your book fair anytime.
  • Very little staff and volunteer input required.
  • No minimum purchase requirement and no fees.
  • It’s easy to manage and customize your book fair.

Visit the Children's Bookstore website to learn more and to set up your book fair. We’re committed to help you have an awesome book fair, without the stress!

Flower Power Fundraising

Tired of sorting, distributing and scheduling pick up dates for your fundraiser, with Flower Power you wont have to! We deliver the product straight to your supporters door step.
Fundraise with Flower Power and not only will you reach your goal, you will rejuvenate the earth with top quality bulbs and seeds, beautify your community and create amazing memories with friends and family. A healthy and green alternative to many existing fundraising programs.

Here are more reasons why Flower Power Fundraising is the ultimate fundraiser:

  • 50% profit on every sale you make
  • Direct Shipping to your supporters
  • Door to door and online programs
  • No minimum order
  • No up front cost
  • FREE Sales supplies
  • All products are guaranteed
  • Expert help every step of the way

Contact us today by going to or calling 1-888-833-1486 for Free Info kits and/or Free Sales Supplies

KorgKorg logo small

Have you ever dreamed of granting your school a new music technology lab, but thought the cost made it out of reach? Parents and local businesses each “purchase” or sponsor a key, an octave (12 keys) or a keyboard until funds are raised. At only $3-5 per key, families and local businesses will be excited to contribute! Students will bring back the “sold” keyboard posters to school until their goal is met. Getting started is easy, because Korg Education will supply all of the materials you need to accomplish your fundraising goal, including:

  • Posters for each classroom to show progress during the fundraising campaign
  • Donation envelopes
  • Online digital assets to advertise the efforts via email and social media blasts
  • Incentives and rewards are available, contact us for details to get your students excited about this fundraiser!

Contact us to get your program scheduled today –


Office Depot

Picture just how amazing your school could be! Help your school earn 5% back in credit for FREE supplies.  

Visit to find your school's ID number. Download and customize marketing tools with your school ID. Distribute these flyers to parents, teachers, and other school supporters. Share them with local businesses, insert them in your school's newspaper, leave a stack in your office for visitors, and more!

Anytime they purchase qualifying supplies and provide your school ID at checkout in any Office Depot or OfficeMax store or at, your school will earn 5% back in credit for FREE supplies. Learn more at


Race for EducationRace for Education logo small

Simplicity + Fun = Amazing Fundraising Results


  • Up to 85% profit for your school.                                                                                                              
  • Eliminates families having to sell "products" to relatives, neighbors, and friends, and, instead, is a fundraiser that involves a minimal amount of time for parents.
  • Emphasizes wellness and physical activity for all students.
  • Parents and students love the success, sense of community, and joy in the program.
  • Enjoy your Race Day with the children, teachers, parents, and fans.
  • Step back and take pride in the fact that your Race for Education event raised significant amounts to fund a range of educational programs & activities.
  • Contact us today for your free Informational Packet. Visit or call (717) 432-5908.


Schwan's Cares

Giving back to your community never tasted so delicious

SCHWAN’S CARES™ helps your team or group raise funds quickly and easily. Simply invite your supporters—family, friends, neighbors—to shop from a list of over 350 delicious foods from Schwan's and let them know Schwan's Home Service will contribute up to 40% of each purchase amount to your school. With over 350 high-quality, delicious foods to choose from and simple one-click ordering options, it's easy to give back. Your supporters enjoy delicious food as your school raises needed funds. You simply spread the word to your school and community and Schwan's Home Delivery will take the orders, handle the cash and deliver the food! Visit to learn more or start your campaign today!



SimplyFunSimplyFun offers a new kind of fundraiser with unique, fun and engaging games and toys. Our award winning learning products help build smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play!

“Gameraising” with SimplyFun allows parents to purchase our valuable learning products for their families through a school fundraiser while providing financial benefit to the school.


Sionic MobileSionic Mobile logo small

ION Loyalty PTA Center by Sionic Mobile 

Always-On Mobile Fundraising

Earn 2% or more for every checkout made by supporters in the nation’s largest mobile marketplace - 100,000+ locations!


  • 100% merchant funded - no cost to your PTA, school or supporters
  • Donated rewards (IONs) deposit as cash  - 1,000 IONs = $1.00
  • Digital marketing tools for instant & easy program communication


  • Connects the community: merchants, parents, teachers, schools & supporters
  • Merchants save credit card fees using Chase Paymentech - so they reward more
  • Real-time reporting on donations

Apply For a Free Account Today!


StorybirdStorybird Logo

With Storybird Fundraisers, students create beautiful books. And parents receive lasting memories.

Our curriculum-first fundraisers promote literacy and creativity—without wasting classroom time.

  • Students write art-inspired books and poetry based on their lessons.
  • Teachers activate a private online shop for parents with one click.
  • Storybird donates 30% of all purchases back to the classroom. No fees or cash to collect.

400,000 teachers use Storybird to inspire students and help kids find their voice. Learn more about Storybird today!



If you’re going to do a yearbook, make some money from it.

TreeRing has helped schools raise more than $1 million and they can help you, too.

Here’s how it works:

  • Add any amount to the price of your yearbook as a fundraiser
  • TreeRing gives parents the ability to purchase directly online
  • At the end of the year TreeRing provides you 100% of the fundraising dollars collected.

Request a free yearbook sample to learn more today.