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National PTA Elections

Keypad Voting

In continuing with the goal of utilizing technology that will help make our work easier, and as a response to the delegates from previous conventions, National PTA will incorporate the use of audience response devices (aka keypad cards) for the general business meetings.

These keypad cards will be used to vote during the general business meeting. Each registered voting delegate will receive a keypad card at the time they register on site at the convention.

Each time they enter the general session meeting room, the keypad card will be exchanged for a keypad device; the device will exchanged for keypad card upon leaving the room.


Proposed amendments to National PTA's bylaws and policies must be voted on by member delegates at the annual convention.


Proposed resolutions for consideration by the delgates at the annual convention.

2014 Slate of Nominees

Eight Board of Directors Member Representatives are elected each year, and either two or three members of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) are elected each year based on a cycle defined in the National PTA Bylaws. National officers of the association are elected in odd-numbered years. View this year's Slate of Nominees.


National PTA elections will be Saturday, June 21 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Newly-elected members of governance assume their offices at the close of National PTA Convention. 

Candidate Videos

View biographies and videos of slated candidates and those who notified National PTA of their intent to run from the floor.nd following these links: 

For more info about the governance, the elections process and bylaw/policy changes, read the National PTA Bylaws.