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School of Excellence Award Recipients

In the 2014-2015 school-year, more than 240 PTAs partnered with schools to participate in National PTA's School of Excellence program. Of those participants, National PTA is pleased to recognize 124 schools from across the country as the 2015-2017 National PTA Schools of Excellence for their achievements in building strong family-school partnerships. Read the press release announcing the 2015-2017 recipients.

In the analysis of data for the 2015-2017 School of Excellence participants, we found:

  • Nearly 95% of families feel they are treated fairly regardless of age, gender, race or cultural background. (Welcoming All Families)
  • 95 % of families believe their school and PTA communicate with families in multiple ways. (Communicating Effectively)
  • 79% of families feel they understand the academic standards their child is expected to meet and how the curriculum is linked to those standards. (Supporting Student Success)
  • 83% of families feel PTA promotes opportunities to empower parents to advocate for the success of their own child and other children in their school. (Speaking Up for Every Child)
  • Approximately 81% of families believe their school establishes policies that recognize and respect families’ cultural, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic diversity. (Sharing Power)
  • 93% of families feel the school is a central part of their community.  (Collaborating with the Community) 

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Two of the 124 National PTA School of Excellence honorees have also been awarded the 2015 Phoebe Apperson Hearst Award for innovation in family engagement. You can find more info on the Hearst Award Page.

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National PTA Schools of Excellence